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A Ciência da Quirologia


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A Quirologia baseia-se na interpretação de uma série de sinais contidos em ambas as mãos, com o objetivo de adquirir conhecimento sobre a pessoa. É baseada em características arbitrariamente relacionadas como as linhas, formato e protuberâncias das mãos.

Chirology is based on the interpretation of a series of signals contained in both hands in order to gain knowledge about the person. It is based on arbitrarily related features such as the lines, shape and protuberances of the hands. The reading of the hands has to be done as a whole, for this reason an interpretation is necessary taking into account the relationships between the lines and signs. Fully illustrated and with detailed explanations, in layman's accessible language, this work is basic for anyone who wants to understand and practice chirology, but deep in the subject for those who want to go further. As it turns out, chirology is science and art, practiced by the medical scientists, thinkers and philosophers of all time. It was practiced by nothing more, nothing less than Aristotle and Alexis Carrel and Carl Jung, among others.

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